Perfume ~Complete Best~

2006 A compilation album of music put out before transferring to their current record label. I'm including this despite being a compilation because none of these songs ever made it onto a normal album, and a lot of them are really good. A combination of sugary hyperactive chiptuney pop songs, and slightly edgier chiptuney pop songs about scifi stuff like virtual reality and being a robot.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. パーフェクトスター・パーフェクトスタイル
    Perfect Star Perfect Style
  2. リニアモーターガール
    Linear Motor Girl
  3. コンピューターシティ
    Computer City
  4. エレクトロ・ワールド
    Electro World
  5. 引力
    Inryoku ("Attraction")
  6. モノクロームエフェクト
    Monochrome Effect
  7. ビタミンドロップ
    Vitamin Drop
  8. スウィートドーナッツ
    Sweet Donuts
  9. ファンデーション
  10. コンピュータードライビング
    Computer Driving
  11. Perfume
  12. Wonder2


2008 Their first actual album which also contains their first hit song, Polyrhythm. Both the sugar and the scifi are present but toned down.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. ポリリズム
  2. Plastic Smile
  3. Game
  4. Baby Cruising Love
  5. チョコレイト・ディスコ
    Chocolate Disco
  6. マカロニ
  7. セラミックガール
    Ceramic Girl
  8. Take Me Take Me
  9. シークレットシークレット
    Secret Secret
  10. Butterfly
  11. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
  12. Puppy Love


2009 The RYM fave and the introduction of album intros and album mixes, which range from just adding an intro and outro and/or a few extra synth lines to reworking and lengthening the whole song into something quite different. Has a lot of retro 80s sounds.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. Take Off
  2. Love the World
  3. Dream Fighter
  4. Edge (Triangle Mix)
  5. Night Flight
  6. Kiss and Music
  7. Zero Gravity
  8. I Still Love U
  9. The Best Thing
  10. Speed of Sound
  11. ワンルーム・ディスコ
    One Room Disco
  12. 願い (Album Mix)
    Negai ("Wish") (Album Mix)


2012 They drop the scifi and technology theme for the most part, tone down the auto-tune and other vocal processing, and lean more into typical pop music starting with this album.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. The Opening
  2. レーザービーム
    Laser Beam (album mix)
  3. Glitter (album mix)
  4. ナチュラルに恋して
    Natural ni Koishite ("Love Me Naturally")
  5. My Color
  6. 時の針
    Toki no Hari ("Hand of Time")
  7. ねぇ
    Nee ("Hey")
  8. 微かなカオ
    Kasuka na Kaori ("Faint Fragrance")
  9. 575
  10. Voice
  11. 心のスポーツ
    Kokoro no Sports ("Sports of the Heart")
  12. Have a Stroll
  13. 不自然なガール
    Fushizen na Girl ("Unnatural Girl")
  14. スパイス


2013 Focuses more on dance music with a lot of high energy songs and driving beats.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. Enter the Sphere
  2. Spring of Life (album mix)
  3. Magic of Love (album mix)
  4. Clockwork
  5. 1mm
  6. 未来のミュージアム
    Mirai no Museum ("Museum of the Future")
  7. Party Maker
  8. ふりかえるといるよ
    Furikaeru to Iru Yo
    ("When I look back, you're there")
  9. ポイント
  10. だいじょばない
    Daijyobanai ("I'm Not Okay")
  11. Handy Man
  12. Sleeping Beauty
  13. Spending All My Time (album mix)
  14. Dream Land

Cosmic Explorer

2016 A mix of big, dramatic cosmic-sized songs and more laid back songs, many with a more acoustic vibe than usual. Western pop and EDM trends like dubstep also start creeping in.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. Navigate
  2. Cosmic Explorer
  3. Miracle Worker
  4. Next Stage with You
  5. Story
  6. Flash (Album mix)
  7. Sweet Refrain (Album mix)
  8. Baby Face
  9. Tokimeki Lights (Album mix)
  10. Star Train (Album mix)
  11. Relax in the City
  12. Pick Me Up
  13. Cling Cling (Album mix)
  14. Hold Your Hand

Future Pop

2018 The fan unfavorite. The future bass phase.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. Start-Up
  2. Future Pop
  3. If You Wanna
  4. Tokyo Girl
  5. Fusion
  6. Tiny Baby
  7. Let Me Know
  8. 超来輪
    Chorairin ("Ultra Future Loop")
  9. 無限未来
    Mugenmirai ("Infinite Future")
  10. 宝石の雨
    Housekino Ame ("Rain of Jewels")
  11. 天空
    Tenku ("Sky")
  12. Everyday


2022 It's here!!!!!!! A return to retro sounds and scifi concepts, plus some funk.


(my faves) (album-only track/mix)

  1. Plasma
  2. Time Warp (v1.1)
  4. ポリゴンウェイヴ (Original Mix)
    Polygon Wave (Original Mix)
  6. 再生
  7. Spinning World
  8. マワルカガミ
    Mawaru Kagami ("Spinning Mirror")
  10. Flow
  12. ∞ループ
    Mugen Loop ("Infinite Loop")
  13. Drive’n The Rain
  14. ハテナビト
    Hatenabito ("? person"/"Mysterious Person"? something along those lines)
  15. アンドロイド&
    Android &
  16. さよならプラスティックワールド
    Sayonara Plastic World ("Goodbye Plastic World")

Singles (and EP)

Single-only track/mix

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  1. 再生
    Saisei (Recycling, restoration, reincarnation, etc)

Time Warp


  1. Time Warp

ポリゴンウェイヴ EP

Polygon Wave EP


  1. ポリゴンウェイヴ - Original Mix
    Polygon Wave - Original Mix
  2. ポリゴンウェイヴ
    Polygon Wave
  3. ポリゴンウェイヴ - Remix
    Polygon Wave - Remix
  4. ポリゴンウェイヴ - Instrumental
    Polygon Wave - Instrumental
  5. ∞ループ
    Mugen Loop ("Infinite Loop")
  6. アンドロイド&
    Android &
  7. システムリブート - Perfume LIVE 2021 [polygon wave] intro
    System Reboot - Perfume LIVE 2021 [polygon wave] intro



  1. Flow
  2. マワルカガミ - polygon wave live ver.
    Mawaru Kagami ("Spinning Mirror") - polygon wave live ver.


Sayonara Plastic World


  1. さよならプラスティックワールド
    Sayonara Plastic World ("Goodbye Plastic World")



  1. Moon
  2. ラヴ・クラウド
    Love Cloud


Sumikko Disco


  1. すみっコディスコ
    Sumikko Disco

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