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your average weeby cs grad, terminally online since roughly 2010. not sure what this website is going to be for, probably experimenting with CSS and writing at obnoxious length about my interests. also procrastination. read more here

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  • give webdev, aoi shouta pages their own css
  • keep working on anime shrine design/css
  • make a standard 'back to index' link/button for all pages
  • make 404 page more interesting
  • add some sort of more organized index/site map/navigation before the sidebar gets too cluttered

ideas of what to put on here:

  • cool sea creature collection
  • something electro world inspired: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zh0ouiYIZc
  • multiple themes/color schemes
  • seasonal anime blog? but also there's already so much anime on this site lol

anime corner

what i'm watching!

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