Anime about very specific activties (WIP)

One of my favorite types of anime is the inside look at some extremely specific hobby or profession. They're just always interesting to me and a fun way to learn new things.

I'm not including sports anime because that would make the list ridiculously long, but I have made a "Chihayafuru exception" for some sports-adjacent anime if the "sport" is obscure enough and/or they aren't taking the shonen sports anime approach of focusing almost exclusively on the competitive aspect.

Eventually I plan on organizing these by type of activitiy but haven't decided what kind of categories to do yet (considering: music, performing arts, sports/games, includes romance, jobs, hobbies, school clubs, visual arts, traditional japanese stuff)... I also want to write a sentence or two for each one explaining the premise and my opinion.

Activity is present but not the main focus? Or doesn't get into enough detail about it for my tastes

Some I haven't watched yet but plan on getting around to..... someday