Brief History of Me and the Internet

When I was in middle school me and my friends would go to the public library across the street almost every day after school to play on the computers. We loved virtual pet sites, and it was on their forums where I first started coding to make profiles, posts and signatures using HTML, CSS, and BBCode. I also started drawing, initially with a mouse and MSPaint or online Oekaki boards, and I even made my own adoptable website at one point using a now-defunct website builder called myvirtualpet or something. It all looked horrible, in fact I recently found this authentic screenshot on my old PhotoBucket account so you can have an idea of what I was working with back then. But, I made it all with my own hands and that was all that mattered.

Memories of those days where you could totally personalize your online presence through code is part of brought me to Neocities. That said, I'm not too into the old web nostalgia thing. Part of what I want to do with this website is learn and practice front-end stuff, including the modern parts. However, my graphic/web design skills aren't toooo great so it's probably gonna end up looking kinda dated anyway lol.

Brief History of Me and Animation

Also starting in middle school I was very into cartoons, specifically the big 3 of time: Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. However, around 2016 Gravity Falls ended, Steven Universe was constantly going on months-long hiatuses, and Adventure Time was not holding my attention for whatever reason and so I got bored with cartoons.

However I was still only interested in animation as I love the infinite creative freedom it allows for visually, leading me to anime. Getting glimpses of it on my Tumblr dashboard had me intrigued, and it seemed like there was just so much more of it to explore. I had also seen posts about how SU referenced Sailor Moon, Evangelion and Utena so I started with those 3 so that I could get the references? Honestly kinda cringe, and not really the best starter shows out there either, but I guess they were effective since I never have stopped watching anime since then. More recently I've also gotten into anime-adjacent stuff like voice actors, and have been looking into Japanese music outside of anime themes.

But however much I like something, I've never really considered myself much of a fandom person. The only fan content I consume is analysis, discussions and fanart, other stuff like fanfic or shipping I don't really care about. So, another thing I like about Neocities is being able to engage with media on my own terms, in a more relaxed setting away from the craziness of Tumblr or Twitter fandom.


Anime/Manga: Jojo, Mob Psycho 100, Hunter x Hunter, Dorohedoro, Shirobako, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Kaiji, Sound Euphonium, Saiki K, Haikyuu... plus most of the stuff that pops up in the random recommendation box on the home page

Cartoons: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, King of the Hill

Movies: Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, Ratatouille, How to Train Your Dragon... not much of a movie person tbh

J-music: Perfume, Sakanaction, Mukai Taichi, Aoi Shouta, Fujii Kaze, Granrodeo

Other music: Owl City, Daft Punk, Claude Debussy, Percy Grainger, Gustav Holst, various anime/tv/movie/game OSTs, various big band swing, a little kpop on a song-by-song basis

Hobbies: Playing flute, knitting, art, going down YouTube rabbit holes

Misc: Drawfee

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